farming at home

While we would love to make a living from farming, we also must have "day" jobs. We do not have regular farm hours - it just depends on how much we are working off the farm. If you need to visit to pickup livestock or eggs, thanks for understanding that we need to make appointments.

Our Farm Name - It's challenging to find a unique farm name that's not already in use. My husband's family Kiowa name was perfect - his grandparents owned the first "Dautobi Acres" in Stecker, Oklahoma. Pronounced Daw Tow By

Farm namesake, Grandmother Dautobi, Kiowa tribe. Her original farm of 160 acres was "issued" by the government and was located near Stecker Oklahoma. Audle T'daw Goon was her first name, meaning Bushy Hair Woman. Dautobi means One Who Whistles While Walking. Ella was her English name, issued at U.S. federal tribal enrollment in 1904.

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